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My Health Journey.

Experimental Treatment

The course of treatment for this disease is highly individualized. It depends on the severity of symptoms when you were diagnosed and the...

Diagnosis in Focus

This disease is a sly one . . . Let me take you through the short version of my long and frustrating journey to a proper diagnosis. When...

Surreal Symptoms

The following list compiles all the symptoms I’ve experienced during this phase of life. Mental Status Changes My first symptoms relating...

Give it to me straight, doc.

What happened to me? Well, that's a long story. In fact it's long enough to write a book . . . But today I want to give you a glimpse at...

Collaboration: Samuel Boggs.

I hired Samuel to help develop, line edit, and proofread the blog's content and metadata. He has proven to be a very valuable resource in helping me convey my story!

If you are looking for a freelance editor to help with your writing projects, you can contact him using the information below.

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